Video Production

Production Services

The ITS Web and Video Services Team (formerly New Media Lab) provides production support for academic and university produced video programming. Available services include single and multi-camera video shoots; podcast series development; video support for interviews, lectures, and tutorials; promotional videos, and more.  ITS's Web and Video Services also manages the ITS Video Production Studio located on the first floor of the Exley Science Center. Web and Video Services does not charge for production services, but requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and support is dependent upon staff and equipment availability. 

If you are interested in producing a multi-camera video shoot, promotional video, or other video production or program, Faculty and Academic Department's should first contact their Academic Computing Manager to coordinate a project meeting with ITS Web and Video Services.  Administrative departments and staff should submit a Video Request ticket using the ServiceNow portal to provide details on the video program and to schedule a pre-production meeting with the video team.  For produced program requests, please allow at least 2 weeks prior to the start of production. Requesting parties are responsible for obtaining signed video release forms from the on-camera participants prior to the event taping.  Click HERE for the current Wesleyan Video Release Form .pdf.

To request video and production services for a lecture, presentation, performance or regularly scheduled podcast series, please complete the Video Request Form with information about your video shoot.  You can also find the Video Request Form in your Portfolio under Tools and Links/ITS Support Request or by clicking on the Get Help button found on the ITS website.    

Editing and Post-Production Services

The ITS Web and Video Services staff provide full post-production and editing services including multicam editing, motion graphics, titling, color correction, audio sweetening, video and audio encoding and DVD production. The staff also manages Wesleyan video content through university portals such as the website, YouTube and iTunes U.  

For more information on video production, editing and distribution services, please contact Melissa Datre, Director, ITS Web and Video Services at x3318.