Classroom Recording

Faculty may request to have their classroom lectures recorded and made available online for their students to review. Trial uses suggest that the service is most effective for large lecture classes. To discuss or request classroom recording, faculty should call their academic computing manager.

Types of recording supported

  1. Fully automated with Echo360 software - Class sessions to be recorded are scheduled online at the beginning of the semester. The recording, file transfer, media preparation and distribution to course Moodles is all automated. Two types of automated capture are supported:

    • audio/video and screen capture (Exley 150 and Shanklin 107)
    • audio and screen capture (Exley 58, Allbritton 204)
  2. PowerPoint narration - PowerPoint feature for recording voice over a slide show.
  3. Portable audio recorder or podium computer - The instructor (or a TA) can be trained to record the class session on a classroom computer  or portable audio recorder or camera, prepare the files as  needed for posting to Moodle or another system for student access.

Procedures for requesting and supporting recordings

  • Faculty discuss needs with their Academic Computing Manager.
  • Faculty request an appropriate classroom through the Registrar's Office  .
  • Echo360  schedule will be created by Academic Computing Services staff.
  • Staff are alerted by automated mail, will monitor Echo360 recording completion and quality.
  • All Echo360  components will be monitored by Instructional Media Services using automated SNMP reporting.
  • IMS or ACM will train instructor or TAs in the use of recording equipment and in production procedures.
  • IMS will provide audio recorders, mics and cameras as needed for manual recording.
  • Instructor and/or TA monitor all manual recordings for quality and completion and check course Moodle for verification that all recordings are posted (including from Echo360).