Logging in via the Web and entering personal profile information is required before being able to log in via the iPhone/iPad apps.

  1. On a computer, go to or access via Employee EPortfolio>Administrative Tools, Student EPortfolio>Academic Resources, or AA EPortfolio>Tools and Links. Click on log in in the upper-right of the browser window.


  1. Select Web Portal Access.
  2. Fill in as the organization URL.
  3. It will open Wesleyan's Single Sign On page for login with your Wesleyan username and password. Then you'll be redirected to
  4. Enter first name, last name and Wesleyan email when prompted, which will create a personalized profile. This will enable you to create a queue of training, track progress through training sessions, and keep track of course completions. Note that the first time accessing Lynda takes up to 90 seconds for the profile to complete.  This is only the first time.  (continue to next steps for using on iPhone/iPad)
  5. Download the app for iPhone and/or iPad at
  6. When you open the app for the first time, you log in by selecting "Web Portal Access", entering and then signing on via SSO, as you did with the web version.  Then it will open your personalized profile, where you'll utilize the same queue and course progress.


Each time you log into on your iPhone or iPad, you'll need to login via this Web Portal sign-on method--although it will retain the "session" for a good while, so you'll still be able to jump to other programs, etc, and come back to without always having to do the sign-in.