Open a Message:

Double-click on the message you want to open.

Reply to a Message: reply-icon     reply-all-icon

On the Standard Toolbar, click on the Reply icon.  If you wish to reply to all email addresses in both the To: and CC:  headers, click on  Reply to All.   After adding any additional comments you wish to include, click on send-icon.      You can use the Reply options either from the open message or from the Inbox view.

Forward a Message:forward-icon

You can pass a message along to one or more other email addresses by clicking on the Forward icon on the Toolbar.  Fill in the address(es) to which you want to forward the message on the To: line.   Click the Send icon when done.

Print a Message: print-icon

Click on the File menu and select Print.  You can then adjust any printer settings in the Print dialog box.  If you want to use your default print settings you can simply click on the Printer Icon on the Toolbar and the message will go directly to the printer without a dialog box.

Delete a Message: delete-icon

With the message selected (from the Inbox or other folder) or with the message open, click on the Delete icon  on the Toolbar.   The message will be moved to your Deleted Items folder on the Exchange server.  This folder should be emptied periodically to permanently delete the items in it.