When you click on your Inbox or any other folder in the Task Pane the header information for those messages will be displayed on the screen.  (From/To, Subject, Received, Size). 

Message indicators:

unopenedmail Un-opened Mail

openedmail Opened Mail

forwardedmailForwarded Mail

repliedtomail Replied to Mail

  urgentmail   Urgent Mail

 attach-icon  Message has Attachment

flag-icon   Follow-up Flag

Message order:

Click on any heading to sort the messages according to that header  (i.e. sort on subject or sender).  Clicking on the same heading a second time will reverse the order.

Reading Pane:

Highlighting any message will display a preview of that message in the Reading Pane without actually opening the message

Moving messages to other folders:

You can single-click on any message and then drag it to another folder to store it elsewhere (Be careful where you drop it!!).

Deleting Messages:

After highlighting the message you can click on the Delete icon delete-icon  on the toolbar. The message will then be grayed-out with a line through it.  To permanently delete it, click on ‘Purge Deleted Messages’ in your toolbar.  (If this command is not in your Toolbar, contact Desktop Support and they can tell you how to add it).

Un-deleting Messages

If the message still appears with a line through it, you can un-delete it by clicking on the Edit menu and then selecting Undelete.  If you have already Purged the message it cannot be Undeleted.