When you are in Outlook Mail, the Task Pane shows a view of all of your folders divided into two sections, Favorite Folders and All Mail Folders.  

Under All Mail Folders you will see a section for Personal Folders (which are stored locally on your own computer) and your folders that are stored on the Exchange Server, including your Inbox.  These appear under the heading Mailbox followed by your name.    This is your current inbox. If you see another inbox under Personal Folders, this is a prior inbox which you used under your old email program.  It may be kept for reference or those messages could be ported into another folder.  No new messages will automatically go to that folder.  Please note, you may see Personal Folders twice in the list.  Both areas point to the same set of folders. 

All folders that you see under your username (and the messages within them) are stored on the mail server.  These are the same folders you would see if you were in Webmail.  All of the messages in these folders count toward your email quota.   Messages stored in your Personal Folders on your own computer do not.   



To move a folder into the Favorite Folders area, just click on it and drag it into that window.   To remove it, right-click on the folder and click on ‘Remove from Favorite Folders’.