Finding Messages 

To search for specific messages, click on the Tools menu and select Find and then select Find again. 


This will open the Find Bar just under your Toolbar.


Components of the Find Bar

Look for:

Type the word or phrase you want to search for

Search In

Select the folders you want to search in

Find Now

Start the search


Clear the search items and return to the active folder display


Advanced find options


Close the Find Bar



Using Advanced Find Options

If the basic Find feature is not adequate to find the messages you need, you may need to use the Advanced Find feature.

On the Find Bar, click on the arrow beside Options and then click on Advanced Find  or, if the Find Bar is not open, click on the Tools menu, click on Find and then click on Advanced Find.


You will see the Advanced Find dialog box.


The options in this box allow you to search on any aspect of an email messages and allow you to specify multiple criteria.    It includes several drop-down boxes with additional options you may select. 

When you have specified all of your criteria, click Find Now to begin the search.



Other Advanced Find Options 

Outlook offers two additional find options under the Tools menu:  Find Related Messages and Messages from Sender.  Both choices will open the Advanced Find dialog box and automatically populate some of the fields necessary for the find operation.