Saving Attachments

When you receive a message with attachments, they will be listed at the top of the message just below the headers. 


To view an attachment, double click on it and it will open in the corresponding program.  Once open, click on the File menu and select Save As.   You DO NOT want to save it back to the same folder it is currently in.  Outlook attachments are stored in a hidden folder many levels down in your directory structure and are very difficult to find if you lose track of the original message.    You should select a folder on your hard disk or on a network share.    Indicate the folder in the Save in: drop-down box and click Save.



Flagging Messages

When looking at the messages listed in your Inbox, you sometimes want one of more to stand out so that you can follow up on some issues related to it.   Right-click on the message and a pop-up menu will appear.  Select Follow Up.   You can then select the color of the flag you want to appear with this message.  Once we activate calendar functions for Outlook users, there will be further options available.  

To remove a flag, simply click on it.   To mark it as completed, right-click on the flag and select Follow Up and then select Flag Complete.