The Outlook Address Book consists of the Global Address List (GAL) which contains all Wesleyan email addresses and your own Contacts List.

Contact is a person with whom you communicate on a business or personal level and whose personal or business information is stored in the Outlook Contacts folder.


Adding a Contact

Click on the Tools menu and select Address Book.

Click on the New Contact icon contact-icon.

Click on New Contact


You will see the New Contact form.


You can add as much or as little information as you want about each contact, but you will need at least the full name and email address. 


Click Save and Close when done.


Change Contact Information.

Click on the Tools menu and select Address Book.

You will see the Address book listings

Type the name of the entry you want to modify or find it in the list and click on it.

Make your modifications and then click on Save and Close


Delete Contact

Same as above, but once highlighted, click the Delete icon or press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Respond Yes to the prompt asking if you are sure you want to remove the selected user(s)


Create Distribution List

If you frequently need to send email to a collection of individuals, you can save that set of addresses as a Distribution List.


Click on the Tools menu and select Address Book.

Click on the New Contact icon contact-icon.

Click on New Distribution List


If the individuals you want to include are already in your Contact list, click Select Members.  Highlight the individuals you want to include.  You can select multiple entries by holding down the Ctrl key while you click on each of them.


If the individuals are not in your Contact list, click Add New and enter the name and email information for that person and click OK.


Proceed until the list is complete then click Save and Close.


Sharing Contacts


You can share your contacts with others by doing the following:

In the Navigation Bar, click on Contacts

In the middle of the Navigation Bar, click on Share My Contacts


In the Contacts Properties box, click the Add button


Select the account with whom you wish to share your Contacts and click the Add-> button

Click OK


Click the drop-down menu next to Permission Level and select the permissions you wish to grant.

Click OK


Opening Another User's Contact List

On the Navigation Bar click on Contacts

On the Navigation bar click on Open Shared Contacts


Type in the name of the account whose contacts you have been granted permissions to and click OK

The contacts will appear on your screen. 


Sharing a Distribution List

You can email a distribution list to any other Outlook user so they can include it in their own Contacts list.

Open a new email and address it to the person you will be sending the list to

Open your Contacts and drag the distribution list into the message.  It will appear as an attachment. 

Send the email

The recipient then drags that attachment into his or her own Contacts list.