You probably already have a number of folders which were transferred to Outlook along with all of your Eudora mail, but you may wish to create new ones. 


Create a new mail folder

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the New icon on your Toolbar.

Click on Folder


You will see the Create New Folder dialog box.


Type in the Name for the new folder, then select where you want that folder to be stored.

If you click on Personal Folders, the folder will be stored on your own hard disk.

If you click on Mailbox it will be stored on the mail server.

Click OK to complete the operation.



Moving/Copying Messages to a Folder

You may want to organize your mail by moving messages into categorized folders.  If a message contains information appropriate to more than one folder, you may want to copy to multiple forlders.

Select the message you want to move or copy and then click on the Edit menu. 

Select either Move to Folder or Copy to Folder


You will see either the Move Items or Copy Items dialog box.


Click on the folder in which you want to deposit the message and click OK.



Delete a Folder

In the All Mail Folders pane, select the folder you want to delete.

On the Standard Toolbar, click the Delete icon.

In the message box, click Yes to confirm deletion of the selected folder.