Now that you are on Outlook, you have been configured to read your mail directly from the Exchange server rather than downloading it to your computer.   This means that if you use any other email program that downloads mail you may run into problems.


There are four possible scenarios for accessing your email at home:


1.  Wesleyan Laptop

 If you have a Wesleyan laptop configured with Outlook and you have high-speed Internet at home (DSL or Cable Modem), it will function exactly the same from home as it does on campus 


2.  Outlook Web Access (OWA)  **  RECOMMENDED **

Instructions below


3.  Remote Desktop

You can use Remote Desktop to control your office computer from home.  This also requires a high-speed Internet connection and will require assistance from your Desktop Support Specialist for the initial setup


4.  Outlook Client

If you already use Outlook on your home computer, you can reconfigure it to access the Wesleyan Exchange server.



Using the Outlook Web Client  ** RECOMMENDED **


Open Internet Explorer

(Note:  other browsers can be used, but full functionality is ONLY available with Internet Explorer)

In the address box, type:

Log in with your username and password.


The layout of the screen is very similar to your standard Outlook client and should be usable by anyone familiar with the standard Outlook client.  



Configuring Outlook for Home Use


If you already use Outlook at home to check your Wesleyan email, you can reconfigure it to access your email on Exchange. 

  • Open Outlook

  • Click on the Tools menu

  • Select E-Mail Accounts

  • Make sure the button in front of "View or change existing e-mail accounts" is turned on

  • Click Next

  • In the Email Accounts dialog box, click Add

  • Click on the Microsoft Exchange Server button and click Next

  • Type in the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server:

  • Type in your username

  • Click Next

  • Click Finish