Work with Media

Top and bottom frames
When you first load the ‘work with media’ page you will see all of your media  in the frame at the bottom of the screen. If you then select a collection or group, it will occupy the top frame where you can make additions from your set of all media

Top frame - selected collection

Bottom frame - all of your images or images returned by search

Add media to a collection
Double click
 on the thumbnail in the bottom frame to add it to your collection or group in the top frame.

Edit collection or group
You may add or change information about the active collection. This information was added when the collection was originally created.

Export collection of group
This feature allows you to export a collection or group of images open in the top frame for import into PowerPoint or ArtStor. A .zip file will be created which you can download to your computer. Look for this file in the same place your browser downloads other files. Depending on how your browser is configured, the .zip file may be automatically expanded by Stuffit. If not you will need to expand the file using a program like Stuffit. You will then have a folder containing all of the images in the collection or group.   

Delete collection or Group
This option allows you to delete a group or collection. The media itself is not deleted and may be added into other collections.

Sort collection or group
Drag and drop media to change sort. Note:  The interface is a little jumpy. Click and hold on the media you want to move; then move the cursor  to the thumbnail you wish to precede. The media, which may bounce, will move to the new location. Remember to save the new sort order before leaving the page.

Sort by List Collection or Group
The list view provides an alternative to the sort method above.

Copy  or move media
Double-click on items in the upper frame to select it before choosing the copy or move option. You will be presented with a list of your other collections/groups to which you can copy or move them.

Delete media
Double-click on an item to select it. You can select and delete multiple items at the same time. This action deletes the media while leaving the group or collection intact.

Clear Selection
Clears selections in the top frame.

Search for media
As a convenience, the search term field is filled in with the owner’s name. Change this term and other search criteria to find your own media or the media of others. Search results are displayed in the bottom frame. A search may be conducted across all media in the database, one's own media, or media cataloged by the Slide Library.

Double-click to add
Double-click to add media from the bottom frame to your collection in the top frame.