Media Database Guide
User search

Most often, students search for a collection prepared by their instructor. To do this, click on the popup on the home page labeled Search All Collections and select a particular collection. All media in that collection will be displayed.

Search for an item within a collection
To call up a media file or group of files within a collection, a keyword may be entered in combination with the selection of a collection. For example, if Professor Gerbino's students use the word 'madonna' to search within the 'ARHA230-argerbino' collection, they will discover all images where the word 'madonna' has to have been used in the title, description or as a keyword. 

Searching for an item across all collections
To search across all collections in the database for media which references 'madonna,' choseSearch all Collections and enter the word 'madonna' as the search term.

Advanced search
If the above search methods do not return desired results, select the Advanced Search link, to use multiple search terms and Boolean operators. If, for example, you wish to find all the items assigned to lecture 5 in a particular collection, select the collection, then select Collection Lecture Info as a search field and enter '5.'