Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Cisco VoIP system

Not all locations have this system.  If your phone does not say Cisco on it, you are not yet using this system.


Wesleyan has begun implementing a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution which will eventually replace the University's aging telephone system. The phone is actually a node on Wesleyan's data network, eliminating the need to build a separate telephone network in buildings.  For general use, the phone functions the same.

To place an outside call, dial 9 then the number.
For an on campus extension, dial the 4 digits.

Cisco Phone instructions


There is also a new Voice Mail system. This system works very similarly to the old Octel voicemail system.  Most of the key functions are identical. Access the new voicemail system by pressing the button with the "Envelope" icon or by dialing 4444. You can dial 4444 from any on campus extension, or 860 685-4444 from anywhere and have access to voicemail.

When calling from your own phone, you will be prompted for a "PIN". This is your mailbox password, and by default it is set to 1234.  Follow the prompts when logging in for the first time to set up a greeting and change the password if desired. When calling from a phone that is not your extension (from off campus, for example), press "*" when the greeting plays and then you will be prompted for an ID number and PIN. The ID number is your extension number and the PIN is the password you selected.

Cisco Voicemail instructions