Classroom Recording

Faculty may request to have their lectures recorded and made available online for their students.

There are two options for faculty looking to record classroom lectures:

  1. Echo360. Classroom recordings and integration with Moodle are fully automated with Echo360. At the beginning of the semester, all class sessions to be recorded are scheduled online. Faculty can elect to have audio/video and screen capture, which is available in Exley 150 and Shanklin 107, or audio and screen capture, available in Exley 58 and Allbritton 204.

  2. Portable audio recorder or podium computer. The instructor (or a TA) can be trained to record the class session on a classroom computer, portable audio recorder, or camera, and then how to prepare the files as needed for posting to Moodle or another system for student access.


If you're interested in finding out more about classroom recording or lecture capture, please create a support ticket in Service Now and a member of our team will contact you shortly.