Data Storage

Wesleyan offers a variety of data storage options.  Data requirements are constantly changing and demands increasing. ITS attempts to keep pace with these changes while working within budgetary limitations. The use of quotas assists in managing storage space.  The quotas can be adjusted upon request with justification. ITS maintains enough resources to back up all data stored on the network and a significant portion stored on the desktop.

Large Data/Digital Collections

ITS supports multiple platforms for archiving, storing, and serving out digital collections, some of which are provided directly by ITS using on-site resources and others that are provided via a hosted solution by an off-campus provider.   [Learn more]


WesFiles is web-based data storage platform that allows Wesleyan users to access data from any computer and does not require a VPN connection. Users may also collaborate with colleagues off-campus without creating guest access accounts.   [Learn more]


Dragon is a traditional Windows server-based file sharing system for fast, easy access from on-campus computers.  [Learn more]

Google Drive

Google Apps now allows for easy folder synchronization with a Wesleyan Google account.  Drag files into a folder on the desktop that are then synchronized with the Google server.   [Learn more]