This method creates documents that cannot be opened by users other than the owner of the document. ** If you forget your password, the document cannot be opened and the document must be re-scanned.**

1. Place the document(s) in the feed tray or on the glass. Select Scanner on the Ricoh's control panel.


2. Select the destination for the scan (typically the folder on dragon named [Department] Scan and select Send File Type/Name on the Ricoh's LCD screen.


3. Name the file with a unique name you will recognize when you search for the scan in your department's \\dragon\[department]\Scan folder, and confirm that PDF is selected as the file type. Remember other users will be able to see the title of your documents, so the name of the file should not give any personal or confidential information away.


4. The default level of encryption should be fine and while the level of the encryption should not overly affect the size of the file, it will impact the time it takes to process, and thus appear in your department's scan folder.

5. Click the Enter box next to Document Password.


6. You will be asked to type in a password you create for the document twice, make sure they match or the password will be rejected and you will have to type them in again. Remember if you forget the password there is no way to access the document and it will need to be rescanned.

7. Finally click the scan button as you normally would to begin the scan. When you access the document from the selected scan folder you will be prompted for the password. Congratulations you have created a secure scan!

8. Secure documents can be deleted by your colleagues who have access to the scan folder. Therefore it is highly recommended that when you return to your computer, you remove the encrypted scanned document from the departmental scan folder, and save it to your computer or on WesFiles.

9. To remove an encryption from a document open it in Adobe Acrobat and Click Advanced -> Security -> Remove Security.