ITS Student Helpdesk

The Student Helpdesk is a student run and managed operation that provides all technical services and support to undergraduate students.  This includes assistance with software support and hardware support for student-owned computers and other devices.  Working in conjunction with Cardinal Technology Services, students have access to having all of their technical needs met on campus.

The Helpdesk also provides support for wireless and wired Internet issues in Wesleyan-owned, on-campus housing.

Monday - Thursday 10AM-10PM

Friday 10AM-5PM

Sunday 7PM-10PM

If you're having issues with your computer, we reccommend bringing it with your charger directly to the Helpdesk (Exley 116).  All other inquiries can also be made by creating a service ticket (Under 'Get Help', click 'Report an Issue') or by calling our number (860) 685-4000 .