Wesleyan uses a single user account to access all services that require a log-in.  This single sign on username and password will grant access to authorized systems.  The Wesleyan Login page serves as a main access page for most web-based services.  


Passwords are the essential element to account security.  Account breaches are far more common from sharing passwords than from brute force attacks.  Users of the system should never share their password.  There is always another solution far preferable to handing over such critical information.  Wesleyan's Computer Usage Policy expressly forbids password sharing.   

Users may change their password via the Password Manager application in E-Portfolio (Tools and Links > Password Manager).  Wesleyan requires a password change once annually but more frequent changes are permitted and encouraged.


You should change your password to something secure that you will remember. You should have different passwords on each system.

A secure password is not an entire word, is 6-8 characters, has mixed upper and lower case letters and contains at least one non-alphabetic character.

The most secure password is a string of unique words that cannot be guessed easily.

Password Resets

Password resets can be done by going to the single sign-on page and clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" link. This will take you to a page where you can reset your password by using an alternate email on file in the system or the last four digits of your Social Security number and your WesID number. The alternate email must be set up in advance by going to your EPortfolio or WesPortal under your personal information.  Faculty and Staff requiring additional help may contact their Desktop Support Specialist or contact operations at ext. 2128. Students requiring additional help may contact the ITS Student Helpdesk at ext. 4000 with any questions.

Yearly password changes are required for everyone. You will receive several email notifications regarding the deadline for this change.

Remember to your wireless profile with your password change. Click here for more information.