Google Apps

Wesleyan is a Google Apps EDU customer.  This enables faculty, staff and student accounts to use Google Apps with their Wesleyan login.  For students, Google is also the email platform for email.  Faculty and staff do not receive email at Google, but have all the other benefits of Google Docs collaboration.  Wesleyan entered into a separately executed contract with Google in January 2009.  This contract has provisions that are specific to the University's needs and differ from the standard commercial end-user license agreement in force with a personal account.  

Google Apps is an excellent tool for collaboration and sharing documents as it allows for live editing by more than one person simultaneously.  Users can access their Google account via the Google Apps link in EPortfolio or clicking here.  Additional information about using Google Apps can be found on this site.  

ITS offers departmental training to help staff use the Google more efficiently.  Contact to schedule a customized session.