Language Lab in Fisk Hall 207

Language Lab, located just a walk down the hall from the front entrance of Fisk, serves as a tremendous resource for the study of languages. "Lang" features a full time specialty staff, alongside our student consultants. In addition to being a prime choice for homework and other projects of your language-based courses, the facilities offered here allow faculty to develop their own specialized programs for classes. Language Lab features:

  • 36 computers consisting of 15 iMacs, 5 Mac Minis, and 16 PCs. All computers feature headphones with a microphone attached.
  • A well-equipped recording studio, with the tools you’d need for any speech-oriented project.
  • A large conference table towards the back of the lab for paper-based projects both group and individual.
  • A project room offering a variety of computers and equipment, allowing faculty and student workers to explore new technologies and resources.
  • A small multipurpose room, capable of videoconferencing, which is often used as a classroom.

For more information, please see the Language Resource Center website.