Fisk Lab in Fisk Hall Basement

Located on the ground floor of Fisk Hall, Fisk Lab is a prime destination to work on projects for your humanities courses, especially digital media production projects. The lab is equipped with several higher-end iMacs for digital video editing, including xx xx xx for digitizing audio and video from analog devices. Additionally, its smaller size, quiet ambience, and no-gaming policy make Fisk a point of refuge in times of academic pressure, particularly as the semester draws to a close and the larger labs on campus become swarmed with student traffic. Headphones are available for use.

Documentation, how-to videos, and tipsheets for digital production are found here


Number of Computers 15
Macs 8
PCs 7
Canopus ADVC110 Media Converters 2
Card Reader 1
B/W Printers 1
Color Printers 0
Dat Projector and Screen Yes