Upload Media


File format and size
Files must be in JPG, GIF, PNG or TIFF formats.

To take full advantage of the highest-resolution projectors on campus, original images should be 1250 x 872 pixels or larger. From each uploaded image, a script will generate images in the following sizes:  
    - thumbnail  150 x 152
    - screen  780 x 472
    - projection  1000 x 612
    - hi-res projection  1250 x 872


 1.  Select the collection or group you wish to add media to from the drop down menu.



If  you don’t have a collection or need a new one, create it by clicking on the “created a new collection” button.


There are three required fields when creating a new collection:

- Collection name         eg. ARHA252

- Collection type           eg. photographs

- Collection owner, which is usually you, but may be another person in whose account you are working


Once you have selected a collection or group you may upload media in step 2.


2. Click on Upload Media

Note: if you have large video files, upload them one at a time to be sure the upload completes. Similar prudence is suggested for a large batch of images or audio files. If they total ove 100 Mb, you may have to split them into more than one batch. 

Provide search information about this batch upload
Again there are three required fields:

* View Media
  o       Viewable on campus only (default)
  o       Viewable to the public (openmedia)

By default media files are placed in a directory that can only be seen within the Wesleyan domain. If you want the media to be viewable to the world, and own the copyright or have permission to do so, then the files are placed in another set of directories called openmedia

* Keep original filename
  o       Keep original filename (default)
  o       Rename to system generated name

* Select owner – you or the person you are working for.


Batch upload title and keywords
Any optional information such as ‘Title’ and ‘Keywords’ added at this point are applied to all media in the batch upload. If you do not want the same title for all items, leave it blank. 

Browse your files system and upload selected files.



Time to process. It will take up to a few minutes for your files to process, depending on how busy the system is.  You may begin to add information to your media before the media files themselves are processed.