ITS Committees

Below is a list of existing committees. If you need more information or you wish to volunteer, please contact the appropriate committee chair.

Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC):

(Chair: David Baird)

Comprised of two faculty members from each academic division, the divisional Academic Computing Managers (ACMs), a representative from Academic Affairs, the Director of Academic Computing, a representative from WSA’s Information Technology Committee, the University Librarian, and the CIO (Chair).

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Divisional Academic Computing Advisory Committees:

Comprised of faculty members from each department in the division, the ACM for the division, a librarian, and the Director of Academic Computing. There are three such committees:

· Division I - Arts and Humanities (Chair: Steve Bertolino)

· Division II - Social Sciences (Chair: vacant-TBD)

· Division III - Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Chair: Miriam Cope)

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Administrative Computing Advisory Committees:

(Chair: Steve Machuga)

· Student Administration Advisory Group

· Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits Advisory Group

· Wesleyan Financial System Steering Committee

· Data Warehouse Advisory Group

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Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) Information Technology Committee:


Comprised of students, representatives from Academic Computing, User and Technical Services, New Media Lab, and the CIO. 

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