Government Department

Summary of Major Requirements for Government

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* Basic requirements
• To complete the major requires 9 approved Government credits
• You may count toward the major only one introductory course (151, 155, 157, or 159)
• 5 of the 8 remaining courses must be upper-division Wesleyan GOVT courses in the range 201-399
• The remaining 3 courses numbered 201 or higher may be:
- Tutorials in the Department of Government (maximum 2, only 1 thesis tutorial may count)
- A course in a "cognate" discipline (maximum 1; must be approved in advance by your adviser)
- Political science courses at other US institutions or abroad (maximum 2; or 3 in a year of study abroad)
- Additional Wesleyan Government courses in the range 201-399

* The following may not count toward the major
Student forum courses
• Teaching apprenticeships
• First year initiatives (FYI versions of 151, 155, 157, or 159 may count as the one introductory course)
• First year seminars (FYS versions of 151, 155, 157, or 159 may count as the one introductory course)
• Internships either in the USA or abroad
• Advanced Placement credits

* Majors must choose and complete a concentration
• Four courses, at least three of which must be taken at Wesleyan, complete a concentration as follows:
- American politics: GOVT 151 and three upper-division American politics courses
- International politics: GOVT 155 and three upper-division international politics courses
- Comparative politics: GOVT 157 and three upper-division comparative politics courses
- Political theory: Any four political theory courses

* General Education Expectations
Stage 1 must be complete to become a Government major
• Stage 2 must be complete to receive Honors in Government

* Pacing
• Majors with fewer than 4 Government courses by the end of the junior year must drop the major

* Double/multiple majoring
• No student with a university GPA below 88.33 may be a Government major if he or she has another major