Government Department

Which Concentration is That Course In?

Some courses may count for alternative concentrations (you choose which one),
but each course may count only once toward the major 

This list is up to date through Spring 2014

Course Nº

Course Title


151 American Government and Politics AMER
155 International Politics INTL
157 Democracy and Dictatorship COMP
159 The Moral Basis of Politics THEO
201 Applied Data Analysis AMER
203 American Constitutional Law AMER
204 Quant. Methods for Political Analysis AMER
206 Public Policy AMER
214 Media and Politics AMER
215 Congressional Policy Making AMER
217 The American Presidency AMER
220 American Political Economy AMER
221 Environmental Policy AMER
232 Campaigns and Elections AMER
238 American Political Parties AMER
242 Gay and Lesbian Politics AMER
245 Devel. of American Welfare State AMER
246 Public Opinion in American Politics AMER
247 Intersecting Identities in Policy & Opinion AMER
250 Civil Liberties AMER
252 National Security Law AMER INTL
253 The American National Security State AMER INTL
257 Everyday Forms of Resistance AMER
270 Compar. Politics of the Middle East COMP
271 Political Economy of Developing Countries COMP INTL
272 International Relations in the Middle East COMP INTL
274 Russian Politics COMP
275 Contemporary Indian Politics COMP
278 Nationalism COMP INTL
279 Chinese Foreign Policy COMP INTL
284 Comparative Politics of Western Europe COMP
285 Losers of World War II COMP INTL
286 European Integration COMP INTL
291 Environmental Advocacy Strategies COMP
292 Representing Gender: Politics and Media COMP
296 Politics in Japan COMP
297 Politics in China COMP
298 Terrorism and Film COMP
299 Politics and Security in Asia COMP INTL
301 Comparative Political Parties COMP
302 Latin American Politics COMP
303 The Evolution of War COMP INTL
304 Environmental Politics and Democratization COMP
311 United States Foreign Policy AMER INTL
314 Public Opinion and Foreign Policy AMER INTL
316 The Armed Forces and Society INTL
320 History & Geopolitics of South Asia COMP INTL
322 Global Environmental Politics INTL
324 Africa in World Politics COMP INTL
325 Decision-Making and Diplomacy INTL
329 International Political Economy INTL
331 International Law INTL
332 Psychology and International Relations INTL
333 International Organization INTL
334 International Security in a Changing World INTL
335 Territory and Conflict INTL
337 Virtue and Glory: Classical Political Theory THEO
338 Modern Political Theory THEO
339 Contemporary Political Theory THEO
340 Global Justice COMP INTL THEO
342 Forms of Freedom THEO
343 Political Representation THEO
344 Religion and Politics THEO
346 Foundations of Civic Engagement THEO
347 Caring, Rights and Welfare COMP THEO
350 Citizens and Existentialism COMP THEO
351 Politics and Free Will THEO
355 Political Theory and Transitional Justice COMP THEO
356 Tragedy and Affect THEO
360 Tocqueville Then and Now THEO
366 Empirical Methods for Political Science AMER  COMP INTL
369 Political Psychology AMER
372 Immigrant Political Incorporation AMER
373 Congressional Reform AMER
374 American Political Econ. & Policy AMER
375 American Political Development AMER
376 Political Polarization in America AMER
378 Media Analysis Research AMER
379 Politics & Theory of the First Amendment AMER
381 The Political Economy of Oil COMP INTL
382 The Politics of Inequality COMP
383 East Asian & Latin American Development COMP INTL
384 Democracy in Comparative Perspective AMER COMP
385 Women and Politics COMP
386 The Nuclear Age in World Politics INTL
387 Foreign Policy at the Movies INTL
389 Globalization in the Modern World INTL
390 Foreign Policy Decision Making AMER INTL
392 Theorizing the City THEO
393 Freedom and Necessity THEO
394 Political Thought and Politics of Israel COMP THEO
398 What is the Good Life? THEO
399 Citizens, Judges, Juries: Who Decides? AMER THEO