Reporting Outside Scholarship(s), State Grant or Employee Tuition Benefit

Wesleyan University Outside Scholarship Policy:

Outside scholarships, state grants, and employee tuition benefits received as a result of a parent’s employment, are required by federal regulation to be considered a part of the financial aid award. Since Wesleyan’s policy is to meet the full financial need of a student, when Wesleyan becomes aware of outside funding/resources, the student's aid award must be adjusted so that the total aid does not exceed need.  The addition of these resources will result in a reduction of the self-help portion of the financial aid award that may include student loans, federal workstudy eligibility, or health insurance costs (if applicable).  

    • In acknowledgement of the achievement of winners of merit-based outside scholarships and receipt of employer tuition benefits, the University will first make appropriate adjustments by replacing self-help aid dollar for dollar.  
      • Unless otherwise indicated by the student, the adjustment will be made to packaged loan eligibility first.  
      • Students may also request that adjustments be made first to federal workstudy eligibility.  
      • Students who purchase the university health insurance plan may also request that outside scholarship funds be used towards this additional cost after the expense is charged to the student account.
      • In some cases, outside scholarship funds may be eligible to be applied toward the one-time purchase of a personal computer. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information to determine whether your outside scholarship qualifies and to make this request. 

    • Scholarships and/or tuition benefits in excess of self-help will reduce Wesleyan gift-aid.
    • State grants will reduce Wesleyan gift-aid dollar for dollar.