Job Posting

Job Title: Editorial Assistant (SUMMER)
Date: April 1, 2015
Employer: Wesleyan University Press
Address: 215 Long Lane
Qualifications/Description: An opportunity to learn about the acquisitions process in academic book publishing in a small, friendly work environment. Duties include preparation of in-house memos, drafting correspondence with authors, preparing manuscripts for production, market research, identifying grant opportunities, photocopying, soliciting advance comments, and other general office work. Applicants must be dependable and thorough. Work-study-eligible students only; Freshmen and sophomores given preference. Work-study-eligible students only. Please include a resume or list of your previous office/work experience in your email.
Department Hours: MON-FRI 9:00AM-5:00PM   Hours/Week: 35
Start Date: Hourly Rate: $10.50
Time Period:
Contact: Suzanna Tammien
E-mail for Interview:
Job Number: Summer13