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Job Title: New Media Lab Student Videographer/Editor
Employer: ITS - New Media Lab
Address: 265 Church Street
Qualifications/Description: The New Media Lab is looking for 4 talented and highly motivated student videographers/editors to join our video production team. The ITS New Media Lab Video Group produces video programs and podcasts for the university and academic departments throughout the academic year. *** new paragraph *** *** new paragraph *** In your role as a member of the NML Student Video Production Team, you will assist the video staff in preparing, producing and distributing more than 70 programs each semester while gaining hand-on experience using the latest high-def, broadcast quality, production gear and technologies. Duties include: Producing weekly video podcasts as part of a student production team; processing incoming service requests; videotaping interviews, lectures, and campus activities; editing various video programs and working with faculty on logging clips for in-classroom video; creating video tutorials with screen capture software; and distributing Wesleyan video via the Video Cloud to our various channels such as the Wesleyan video channel, iTunes U and the website. Must be available for some evening and weekend shoots. Basic computer and video production experience is required, and familiarity with video production and edit software a plus. Programs used include Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Screenflow, and more. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail a must for this position. Dependable, motivated students should apply.
Department Hours: 8:30AM-5PM Hours/Week: 8-12
Start Date: September 8th Hourly Rate: $8.70 and up
Contact: John Wareham
E-mail for Interview:
Phone Number (call for interview if no e-mail address is listed: 2214
Supervisor: John Wareham
Job Number: 105