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Job Title: Business and Financial Analyst
Employer: Facilities
Qualifications/Description: As part of an ongoing facilities department goal to reduce costs and expenditures, the business and financial analyst for facilities will have expert knowledge of MS Excel, Power Point and database management to analyze and review existing facility expenditures. The responsibilities will include but not be limited to: • Assembling work order history for approximately 20,000 work orders per year from the Maintenance Direct Software of School Dude. • Analysis of evaluating productivity and costs to complete certain functions of the facility operation. • Analysis of annual expenditures in work order system and WFS accounting system by property location. • Analysis of material costs associated with each work order to identify total cost. • Tasks will involve manipulation, analysis and graphing of large data sets. Expected Qualifications: The candidate must be able to work independently and maintain confidentiality of the data. This would be a full time summer intern with a finance and business focus. The preferred candidate will have expert knowledge of MS Excel, Power Point and database management. The candidate must also be resourceful, a self learner, action oriented and an independent worker.
Department Hours: Hours/Week:
Start Date: ASAP Hourly Rate: $8.25
Time Period:
Contact: Steven Formica
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Steven Formica
Job Number: Summer25