Job Posting

Job Title: CHC's Diabetic Retinopathy Telemedicine Initiative Work Study Student
Date: 3/2/2018
Employer: Community Health Center, Inc.
Address: 634 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457

The student will be responsible for assisting in daily operations related to CHC’s Diabetic Retinopathy Telemedicine Initiative. This important program reduces costs for patients and the healthcare system by providing electronic consults between primary care providers and a specialist. Patients with diabetes require annual eye screenings, which CHC provides through specialized camera image capture. The student will be trained on the program as well as a variety of health applications required to help the program run.

The student will assist with the following:
- Support training efforts, including scheduling, administration, and follow-up
- Create and manage user accounts for new camera operators
- Support data needs and routine reporting to site managers
- Coordinate camera rotation and repair when needed

Desired Skills/Interests: Health care, program coordination, excellent communication, organization, teamwork, leadership. Preferred, but not required access to transportation for occasional travel.

Training required: eCW, Centricity, EyePACS (provided)

Please email your resume.

Department Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm Hours/Week: 5-10 hours
Start Date: TBD Hourly Rate: $10.10
Time Period: Spring Semester
Contact: Amanda Schiessl
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Grace Capreol
Job Number: CHC4