Job Posting

Job Title: Sales Associate
Date: 1/18/18
Employer: ITS/Cardinal Tech
Address: Usdan Room 100 (45 Wyllys Ave)

Cardinal Tech is an Apple Campus store that sells technology, apparel and office supplies to the university and Middletown community. Customers come to us for student-life needs and for help buying new technology like computers, headphones and speakers. The ideal student employee has customer service experience in retail, and has a desire to learn about technology. We provide all tech training after hiring, and do not require that students know anything about computers prior to being hired. Current available hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-12PM for this semester so please consider applying if you have some of these hours available. Students are expected to be able to work through commencement in May and arrive early in August to work for Freshmen arrival. Cardinal Tech employees are scheduled 6 hours/week and commit to permanent shifts at the beginning of each semester. If you are interested in applying, please email a resume to for more information!

Department Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm Hours/Week: 4-6, permanent shifts scheduled
Start Date: 2/1/18 Hourly Rate: $10.10
Time Period: Full Year
Contact: Samantha Burr
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Samantha Burr
Job Number: CT1