Graduate Students 2015-16

Graduate students who are matriculated, enrolled at least half-time and are US Citizens or Eligible Non-Citizens are eligible to apply for a Federal Direct Loan. Students must submit the necessary items for fall 2015, spring semester 2016 and summer 2016.


It is recommended the applicant obtain a PIN number to sign the FAFSA. Electronic processing takes approximately 8-10 business days. Use income estimates if necessary, so you don't miss your priority date. Please plan accordingly.   

Wesleyan recommends that you use the IRS Data Retrieval process in an effort to reduce additional documents. If you haven’t completed your taxes yet, you will not be able to use Data Retrieval until you do.  However you can answer that you “will file” your taxes and you can still use estimates to answer the income questions and come back later to complete the Data Retrieval process.  In the event that you have filed your federal tax return electronically at least two weeks prior to today or submitted your paper return 6-8 weeks prior to today, you may be eligible use the IRS Data Retrieval tool to pull your prior year tax information directly into your FAFSA.  If you are applying to more than ten schools be sure to resubmit your Student Aid Report (FAFSA filing confirmation) with the additional institutions.  

FAFSA Reject - Correction Required:  If you have submitted your FAFSA, received your SAR (Student Aid Report) and must make the necessary corrections. Please click here for further instructions.

If your Student Aid Report (SAR) indicates that you have been selected for verification click here.


  • Graduate Student Confirmation Form

The Financial Aid Office will receive this form directly from the Graduate Office once the student's enrollment has been confirmed. If you have not done so already, please contact the appropriate graduate studies office (i.e. Graduate Liberal Studies for GLSP candidates or the Graduate Office for MA/PhD candidates). 


Graduate students that are interested in learning f=more about alternative loans as a resources to assist them in financing their educational costs are encouraged to go to the Financing Options page on our site (loacted on the Menu Bar on the left side of the screen)

For more information on application requirements, please contact Margaret Neale at mneale@wesleyan.edu