Print Publications Style Guide

These documents are intended primarily for design professionals employed by Wesleyan as staff members or on a freelance basis. We hope it will be helpful, however, to any individual who has questions about Wesleyan’s brand identity or is simply seeking a better understanding of how Wesleyan conveys its visual identity.

For assistance with a publication being created or to request something new, please fill out a Creative Brief.

Important note

The Office of University Communications must approve any print publication that represents the institution publicly, with certain agreed-upon exceptions such as materials produced by design and marketing professionals in the Center for the Arts.

A certain amount of common sense should rule; for example, we don’t expect that student groups producing flyers for campus events will typically seek our services. But all publications developed by administrative or academic units for public use beyond the campus must be reviewed by our office. More often than not, the Communications produces these publications, so review occurs naturally.


  1. Wesleyan Colors
  2. Logos
  3. Graphics Guidelines and Specifics
  4. Typography
  5. Photography and Writing
  6. Wesleyan Stationery