chemical physics

Guiding Committee

Students in the chemistry or physics programs may participate in the interdisciplinary programs in chemical physics. The philosophy underlying the program is that the solution to contemporary problems must increasingly be sought not within a single traditional specialty but from the application of different disciplines to particular problems. Although this program is not a formal concentration for undergraduate students interested in chemical physics are encouraged to perform undergraduate research with participating faculty, to pursue a course of study that will familiarize them with both physics and chemistry, and to participate in the weekly chemical physics seminar series. Students interested in this program should contact any the participating faculty.

Joseph Knee, Chemistry
Stewart E. Novick, Chemistry  
Lutz Hüwel, Physics
Brian Stewart, Physics
Possible Research Mentors And Their Research Fields:

Michael Frisch, Chemistry
Method Development in Computational Chemistry

George Petersson,  Chemistry
Theoretical and Computational Quantum Chemistry
Joseph L. Knee, Chemistry
Picosecond Laser Spectroscopy
Wallace Pringle, Chemistry
Microwave and Infrared Spectroscopy