Overview of the Graduate Program

The Department of Chemistry offers a graduate program leading to a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

The faculty-to-graduate student ratio ensures that each student knows every faculty member and has the opportunity to become well acquainted with several areas of chemistry. A customized program of study is set up for each student, whose progress is monitored by a three-member faculty advisory committee.

Emphasis within the program is on developing individualized skills for chemical research, rather than on conforming to uniform program of study. Course requirements, progress examinations, preparation and defense of research proposals, seminar presentation, and teaching assignments are all designed with this goal in mind.

An excellent weekly seminar program affords an opportunity for students to hear and meet informally with a variety of outstanding speakers. In addition, the annual Peter A. Leermakers Symposium has brought eminent chemists from Europe, Asia, and the throughout United States to Wesleyan for a day of intensive examination of a particular subject. Recent topics have been "The Changing Face of Organic Synthesis," "Chemical Insights Into Viruses," "Fullerenes: Progenitors and Sequels," "Molecular Frontiers of AIDS Research," "Extraterrestrial Chemistry and Biology," and "Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate in a Changing Global Environment," Where Chemistry Meets Art and Archeology", "Metal in Medicine", "The Molecular Basis of Materials Sciences" "Chirality, The Molecular Basis of Material Science", "Challenges to Chemistry from Other Sciences", "Green Energy and Biofuel Technology" and in 2012, "Better Chemistry Through Quantum Mechanics".

Industry-Based Doctoral Program

Individuals holding an M.S. degree or equivalent experience and currently working in chemical research or related areas may wish to explore the possibility of an Industry-Based Doctoral Program. The candidate may arrange to have a major percentage of his or her job assignment devoted to a project that can serve as dissertation research, based on a prearranged agreement with an immediate supervisor and collaboration with a member of Wesleyan's doctoral faculty, who serves as a mentor. Dissertation research may then proceed in the industrial lab setting.

    For specific information on this aspect of the graduate program, an appointment should be made with the graduate committee of the department.

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