Biological Chemistry Seminars - Spring 2016
Mondays at 12:00 p.m., Hall-Atwater Laboratories 84

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
January 25 Course Introduction  
February 1 Qi Zhang, Grad. Wesleyan University, Oliver group

"Probing the conformational change of SecA induced by ligands"

February 8 Molecular Biophysics Site Visit  
February 15 Bo Song, Grad. Wesleyan University, Hingorani group "Studying the influence on PCNA on FEN1-catalyzed flap cleavage in DNA replication and repair"
February 22 Sudipta Lahiri, Grad. Wesleyan University, Mukerji group "Investigating the Binding Dynamics of Yeast MutS Homologs Msh4-Msh5"
February 29 Biophysical Society Meeting  
March 4 - 20 Spring Break
March 21 Prof. Patrick Williamson Amherst College "Remodeling the Barricade: The mechanism of phospholipid transport"
March 28

Double featrue:
Mackenzie Schlosser, BA/MA

Ben Kaufman, BA/MA

Wesleyan University, Taylor and Olson groups

"The Synthesis of a FRET-Labeled Probe for the Detection of Lignin Degradation"

"What Makes a Queen: Exploring Molecular Mechanisms of Caste Differentiation in Honeybees"

April 4 Kinjal Dave, Grad. Wesleyan University, Pratt group "Peptidyl thioesters: Substrate or inhibitors of bacterial DD-peptidases?"
April 11 Katie Kaus, Grad Wesleyan University, Olson group "A look into Vibrio cholerae Biofilm Production."
April 18 Brandon Case, Grad. Wesleyan University, Hingorani group "Kinetic Investigations of the Initiation of Nucleotide Excision Repair by UvrA."

April 25

Vivian Deng, Grad. Wesleyan University, Mukerji group "Stability of DNA Four-Way Junctions and Characterization of Binding to Integration Host Factor."

May 2

Dr. Kelly Thayer, Ph.D. '04 Wesleyan University, Beveridge group "Constructing Markov State Models from Molecular Dynamics Simulations."