Biological Chemistry Seminars - Fall 2015
Mondays at 12:00 p.m., Hall-Atwater Laboratories 84 or (*) Meets in Exley Science Center 58

Date Speaker Affiliation


September 7

Course Introduction

September 14 Prof. Scott T. Lefurgy Hofstra University

"FOX-4-cephamycinase: an analysis of structure and function"

September 21 Swastik De, Grad. Wesleyan University, Olson group

"Probing the direct membrane of Vibrio cholerae cytolysin (VCC)"

September 28 Dr. Miho Antoku Wesleyan University, Hingorani group

"MutS-MutL complex formation in a mismatch during DNA repair"

October 5

Dr. Juan Liu

Wesleyan University, Hingorani group

"Checkpoints controlled by PCNA, DNA, and ATP direct the timing and order of events in the clamp loading mechanism"

October 12

Prof. Rex F. Pratt

Wesleyan University, Chemistry "Βeta-Lactamases, Why and How"
October 19

No seminar. Attend the Retreat.

Thursday, October 22

Molecular Biophysical Retreat, Dr. John Kuriyan

University of California, Berkeley  "Structural Mechanisms in Protein Kinase Regulations"
October 26

Fall Break

November 2

Joy Cote, Grad.

Wesleyan University, Taylor group "Alterations of tryptophan residues to allow understanding of protein dynamics of Heptosyltransferase I from Escherichia coli"
November 9

Nimesh Shukra, Grad.

Wesleyan University, Othon group "Osmoprotection in disacchardies"
November 16

Yan Li, Grad.

Wesleyan University, Mukerji group "Exploring multifaceted S.cerevisiae Msh2-Msh6 in DNA mismatch repair and recombination"
November 23 (*)

Hamed Emamy, Grad

Wesleyan University, Starr group "Diamond Family of Nanoparticle Superlattices"
November 30 Bharat Lakhani, Grad. Wesleyan University, Beveridge group "SCA sector analysis on MutS DNA mismatch repair multimeric protein"
December 7 (*) Prof. Candice Etson Wesleyan University, Physics "What can we learn by studying single molecules?"