[in Chem 141 or Chem 143]

Freshmen interested in environmental and/or biochemical material may take CHEM141. Those more interested in quantitative and inorganic material should take CHEM143. Potential majors and other students will have a solid grounding in chemistry by taking either CHEM141, 142 or CHEM143, 144. The Introductory Chemistry Laboratory, CHEM152, is taken concurrently with Chem 142 or 144 in the spring semester. Faculty will be available to discuss this at the Freshman Academic Forum.

Requirements for medical, dental or veterinarian school are satisfied by either CHEM141, 142 or CHEM143, 144, plus CHEM152, followed by CHEM251, 252 (Organic Chemistry) and the labs CHEM257, 258.

Note: If Chemistry 144 was not taken (because of Advanced Placement credit or because sequence 141/142 replaced 143/144 then, Chemistry 361 or 363 must be among the electives.