There are many resources across campus to support students preparing for internships. A quick overview of important cmapus resources and links are outlined below:

Gordon Career Center Resources 

Finding an International Internship

    • Search in Handshake for international internships. Hint: look for GoinGlobal in the Resources Section and search in Handshake by location (you can search by country)

    • Connect with alumni who work, intern and study internationally through email or LinkedIn and WesConnect as well as with with faculty and staff on campus and from study abroad or other international experiences.

    • Idealist is a nonprofit organization that connects people, organizations and resources internationally including jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

    • Refer to Exploring International Careers & Internships for more

Internship Expectations

    • You must comply with any confidentiality rules in force at the internship site.

    • You are expected to observe all policies and procedures stipulated by the employer.

    • Regular attendance and compliance with all job requirements are essential.

    • Ideally, you will confer weekly with your supervisor to receive guidance on your assignments, feedback on your performance, and explanations of the organization’s mission, objectives, methods, and operations.