The Ganbarg Internship Program is an endowed fund established by Pete Ganbarg ’88 that provides grant funding to encourage and enable Wesleyan students to explore and begin their careers in the world of music. It is Pete’s hope that this annual grant opportunity will help launch the next generation of music leaders, helping to maintain and push the boundaries of exciting and innovative music, from both the creative and business perspectives.

Applicants may be hired by a for-profit or nonprofit organization that focuses its business or mission on music, e.g., a record label company, recording studio, music talent management agency, concert promoter, community service/educational program, school or camp program, healthcare program or research project focused on music, or similar initiative.

Applicants must demonstrate a passion for music and be committed to maintaining an active engagement with the world of music after graduation, whether in the music industry, the nonprofit sector, or through a personal activity or journey, such as musicianship, band management, volunteer work, education or a creative outlet.

Any application received after 9 p.m. on March 5th will not be considered.

Grants Award
$4,000 grant is awarded to cover expenses related to the internship. 
Please note: Wesleyan University does not make any determination on the taxability of these awards. Please consult a tax advisor to determine your tax status and liability.

Application Process
Applicants must submit the following documents to the 2017 Wesleyan Grants posting on Handshake. 

  1. Resume (must be a resume approved by the Gordon Career Center on Handshake--note that resumes are reviewed, not necessarily, approved on Handshake with 48 hours or 2-business days, so please plan accordingly)
  2. Completed application
  3. A detailed budget outlining the expected expenses for the duration of the internship. The submitted budget total should not exceed $4,000 (including Wesleyan’s Summer Earning Expectation -- see for more information on the Summer Earning Expectation). If your budget exceeds $4,000 please provide a detailed written explanation accounting for the additional expenses. There is no guarantee the portion of your budget above $4,000 will be funded.
  4. Complete and detailed written statements
  5. Letter of Employment Confirmation from your employer, confirming  your accepted internship offer and providing a description of your internship responsibilities. The employer's letter must be on their letterhead with signature, and sent to you as a PDF so you can upload it on Handshake and submitt it with the rest of your application materials

Visit the 2017 Wesleyan Grants Application page for additional application instructions. 
Apply for Wesleyan Grants online via the 2017 Wesleyan Grants posting on Handshake.