For students who wish to teach during the fall immediately after graduation and without certification, the jobs available to you are twofold: in independent schools and with special apprenticeship programs in public schools.  If your mission is to work with children outside the classroom, there are many opportunities which will be discussed below under "Working with Children and Youth".

Urban Education Semester, sponsored by Wesleyan's CRC and the OIS
The Urban Education Semester (UES) is an interdisciplinary, academic immersion program in New York City which introduces students from all academic backgrounds to the complexity of issues facing urban public education.

Public School/Licensure/Certification
Includes programs providing initial licensure for public school teaching.  Note: many charter schools do not require certification.

Independent Schools
Teacher placement agencies (e.g., Carney, Sandoe, CalWest, Dick Flood), professional associations and resources for job announcements and researching schools.

Teacher Training Programs Awarding a Masters in Education
Teach full-time while earning your Masters in Education and teaching certification.

Post-graduate Teacher Apprentice Programs:  Public and Independent Schools
These programs provide classroom teaching experience and mentorship, but do not culminate with teacher certification.  They can be a great way to gain classroom experience before entering a graduate program, or to test the waters before deciding on a career in education.

Working with Children & Youth

Summer Teaching/tutoring Internships

Resources for Underrepresented Minorities [under construction]

Non-teaching Resources & Organizations, via Harvard Graduate School of Education

Tutoring Programs through Wesleyan's Office of Community Service

Education Fellowships Administered by Wesleyan
 -- E.E. Ford
 -- James Madison Fellowship
 -- Harris Fellowship in Child Development & Early Childhood Education

Teaching Abroad

Higher Education

Career Fairs