Resumes & Job Search Letters

Your first contact with an employer is usually via an electronic communication, either through an online application or  a networking email.  These initial contacts are extremely important because they immediately give an employer a sense of your professionalism, seriousness of purpose, and that all-important work quality -- attention to detail.  Employers are impressed when they get a well written resume and cover letter.  Once this positive impression is established, you have a good chance of receiving an invitation to interview, or at least to build on it with subsequent communications.  If you do a poor job on the resume or cover letter (even with just one typo!), you have little or no chance of getting beyond the Trash folder.

The following sections will provide you advice and information to get you rolling.


Curriculum Vitae

Cover Letters

Networking Letters

Internship Inquiry Letters

Thank You Letters

Job Application Reference Lists

Letter for Accepting a Job Offer

Letter for Declining a Job Offer