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The information, events, and resources listed in this section are provided to help you make an educated decision regarding application to law school and entry into the legal profession.  If you take time to utilize these resources, meet with Wesleyan’s Pre-Law Advisor, and follow through on recommendations offered to you, your decision to attend law school will be informed, grounded, and more realistic.

Wesleyan does not have a formal pre-law track or program of study.  Such a program is not necessary for admission to the law school of your choice.  A liberal arts education is an outstanding and proven preparation for law school, no matter what your major.

Wesleyan's Career Center sponsors several pre-law events each academic year, including law school fairs (alternate years), visits by admissions officers from top law schools, alumni career talks, special events in collaboration with the Wes Pre-Law Society, and other specialized programs.


Time-Line for Law School
Time lines are for first through senior year.  Please note that there is no required course of study, academic prerequisites, or prescribed structure for admission to law school.  Successful acceptance to law school involves academic success at the undergraduate level, strong performance on the law school admissions test (LSAT), and many other factors.

Law School, the LSAC/LSAT, and Test Prep Courses
This section includes The Law School Guide, by Matt Tuccillo, Esq. '95; link to LSAC, information on personal statements and letters of recommendation (LOR), instructions for the Dean's Certification Letter, resources for researching law schools, rankings, and popular blogs.

Law School Visits to Wesleyan
Top law schools visit Wesleyan each year, including American University, Boston College, Boston University, Chicago, Cornell, Duke, Fordham, Harvard, Michigan, NYU, Penn, Stanford, University of Connecticut, and Yale.  See Upcoming Events in the upper right corner of this page for the law schools scheduled to visit campus.

Funding opportunities for graduate school are limited.  This section offers additional information for women and students of diversity by Reference Service Press.

Financing Your Legal Education
Most law school students requiring financial assistance will utilize loans to finance law school.  The resources in this section will help you with your financial planning.


What Do Lawyers Do?
The decision to attend law school first involves an understanding of the work of a lawyer.  Whether attorneys work in private practice or public interest law, they are dealing with established law, NOT (usually) making policy.  And, they are distributed among a wide range of practice specialties.  This section links to LSAC, the American Bar Association and blogs which will help you deepend your understanding of a career in law.

Public Interest Law
Lawyers working for private nonprofit organizations, such as the ACLU, or in the government, are working in the public interest.  There are numerous opportunities for you to apply your legal training in public service.

Special Programs
Many programs have been established to aid people from disadvantaged groups in their pursuit of a legal career.  This section includes Disability, Diversity and Summer Pre-Law Programs.

Wesleyan Lawyers Association
Take a look at this dynamic Wesleyan alumni organization, founded in 2009.

WANT MORE INFORMATION?  Meet with the Pre-Law Advisor.

Whether you're simply curious about law, or committed to attending law school, Wesleyan's Pre-Law AdvisorJim Kubat, invites you to make an appointment by calling (860) 685-2180.  To be placed on the pre-law list serv, go to your MyCC Profile > Career Preferences > check "Law."