Wesleyan A+ - Wesleyan Athletic Advantage Program

Coaching & Administrative Staff Directory

Freeman Athletic Center
161 Cross Street
Middletown, CT  06459

Main Number: 860-685-2690
Fax Number: 860-685-2691
Athletic Injury Care Fax: 860-685-3972 (secure)


Sport/TitleCoachOffice Phone
(A/C 860)
Director of Athletics Mike Whalen 685-2908  mwhalen@wesleyan.edu
Athletics Director Emeritus John Biddiscombe 685-2895 jbiddiscombe@wesleyan.edu
Associate Director of Athletics Rachel Ludwig 685-3555  rludwig@wesleyan.edu
Baseball Head Coach Mark Woodworth 685-2924 mwoodworth@wesleyan.edu
Men's Basketball Head Coach/Scheduling Coordinator Joe Reilly 685-2918 jpreilly@wesleyan.edu
Women's Basketball Head Coach/Associate Athletic Director Kate Mullen 685-2888 kmullen@wesleyan.edu
Women's Basketball Assistant Laura Pierce 685-2913 lpierce01@wesleyan.edu
Men's Crew Head Coach Phil Carney 685-2923 pcarney@wesleyan.edu
Men's Crew Assistant Trevor Michelson tmichelson@wesleyan.edu
Women's Crew Head Coach Pat Tynan 685-2922 ptynan@wesleyan.edu
Women's Crew Assistant Annie Haley ahaley328@gmail.com
Men's & Women's Cross Country Head Coach John Crooke 685-5320 jcrooke@wesleyan.edu
Field Hockey Head Coach Patti Klecha-Porter 685-2899 pklechaporte@wesleyan.edu
Field Hockey Assistant/Softball Assistant Victoria Redding  vredding@wesleyan.edu
Football Head Coach Dan DiCenzo 685-3012 ddicenzo@wesleyan.edu
Football Assistant/Assistant to the Director for Operations and Facilities Jeff McDonald 685-2909 jmcdonald@wesleyan.edu
Football Assistant  Kyle Archer 685-3198 krarcher@wesleyan.edu
Football Assistant Eric Ludwig 685-2897 fludwig@wesleyan.edu
Golf Head Coach Jeff Gilarde 685-3473 jgilarde@wesleyan.edu
Men's Ice Hockey Head Coach Chris Potter 685-2927 cjpotter@wesleyan.edu
Men's Ice Hockey Assistant Stephen Needham sneedham@wesleyan.edu
Women's Ice Hockey Head Coach Jodi McKenna 685-2904 jamckenna@wesleyan.edu
Women's Ice Hockey Assistant Tara Connolly tconnolly01@wesleyan.edu
Men's Lacrosse Head Coach/Assisstant Athletic Director John Raba 685-3917 jraba@wesleyan.edu
Women's Lacrosse Head Coach Kim Williams 685-2884 kwilliams01@wesleyan.edu
Men's Soccer Head Coach Geoff Wheeler 685-2898 gwheeler@wesleyan.edu
Men's Soccer Assistant Adrian Blackadar 685-3254 ablackadar@wesleyan.edu
Women's Soccer Head Coach Eva Meredith 685-3585 emeredith@wesleyan.edu
Softball Head Coach Jen Lane 685-2436 jslane@wesleyan.edu
Men's & Women's Squash Head Coach Shona Kerr 685-2444 skerr@wesleyan.edu
Men's & Women's Swimming Head Coach Peter Solomon 685-2929 psolomon@wesleyan.edu
Men's & Women's Swimming Assistant Meredith Nyser 685-4953 mnyser@wesleyan.edu
Men's & Women's Diving Coach Devon O'Nalty 685-2874 donalty@wesleyan.edu
Men's & Women's Tennis Head Coach Mike Fried 685-2815 mfried@wesleyan.edu
Men's and Women's Tennis Assistant Steven Milo smilo01@wesleyan.edu
Men's & Women's Indoor & Outdoor Track Head Coach Walter Curry 685-2905 wcurry@wesleyan.edu
Women's Volleyball Head Coach Ben Somera 685-2925 bsomera@wesleyan.edu
Wrestling Head Coach Drew Black 685-2907 dblack@wesleyan.edu

Associate Director of Athletics Rachel Ludwig 685-3555  rludwig@wesleyan.edu
Administrative Assistant Joan Adams 685-2893 jadams@wesleyan.edu
Business Manager Tom Wantuck 685-2894 twantuck@wesleyan.edu
Administrative Assistant Kirsten Carlson 685-2895 kcarlson@wesleyan.edu
Director of Athletic Injury Care Joe Fountain 685-3528 jfountain@wesleyan.edu
Associate Director of Athletic Injury Care Ken Dompier 685-3068 kdompier@wesleyan.edu
Assistant Athletic Trainer Laura Litwin 685-3980 llitwin@wesleyan.edu
Equipment Manager Robert Chiapetta 685-3558 rchiapetta@wesleyan.edu
Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities Scott Lukas 685-3644 slukas@wesleyan.edu
Adult Fitness Coordinator Heather Minetti 685-2928 hminetti@wesleyan.edu
Intramural Director Mark Woodworth 685-2924 mwoodworth@wesleyan.edu
Director of Athletic Communication Mike O'Brien 685-2887 mobrien03@wesleyan.edu
Sports Information Intern Lauren Dellipoali 685-3918 ldellipoali@wesleyan.edu

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