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cardinal           For the 2009-10 season, Wesleyan plans to use LiveStats to transmit live box score information during home men's and women's basketball games. We also have made arrangements for LiveStats to function at the same time as a live video webcast, so you can take advantage of both opportunities to follow the action individually or simultaneously during the couple of games for each team that we webcast.

          To see the basketball box score, which updates every 10-20 seconds, please go to the following link:


We have discovered that using Safari as a browser is not the most reliable for our LiveStats.  Firefox seems to have more success and Internet Explorer seems to work fine.  Just a suggestion.  Thank you and enjoy the game.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  We normally do not keep track of substitutions in-game.  They are input manually at the end of each half.  Thus, you might not be seeing the actual lineup from the game at any particular point in the contest, and the stats of someone not listed as in the lineup might update at any time.  Don't be alarmed when this happens.