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1.1 1.2
Kevin Haas vs. Tal Beery Maya Groner on the backhand
1.4 1.6
Marianne Reyes serving Mike Sanfilippo vs. Joe Berman
1.7 2.1
Sean Murphy returning serve against Dave Wilson Lirra Schiebler returning against Natalie Cohen
2.2 2.3
Rob Leitzell not in a good position against Amit Patel John Taveras against the wily Willy Wasch
2.4 2.5
Sarah Hopkins off the ropes against Marcus Bach-Armas Deb Justice in an awkward position against Shani Pavel
2.6 3.1
Are James Utterback and Chris Caesar playing or posing? Wily Willy Wasch against Z
3.2 3.3
Scott Barnes vs. Sa Suwanarat Deb Justice vs. Mike Sanfilippo
3.4 3.5
Umay Suanda lobs against varsity teammate Ian Carbone Wesleyan squash fashion - Dave Wilson and Gabe Isaacman