Faculty Team Mentor Program


Wesleyan University has a commitment to achieve academic and athletic integration.  A liberal arts education can be significantly enhanced by participation in intercollegiate athletics and Wesleyan is committed to a collaborative approach in aligning athletic programs with the academic and student life enterprise.   

An important ingredient in this collaborative effort is the involvement of academic faculty in the lives of the student-athlete.  Faculty, from a variety of academic disciplines, serve as informal advisors to varsity teams and spend time getting to personally know the athletes.  Faculty team mentors enrich the overall experience for team members, encourage student athletes to be fully engaged in the curriculum and provide faculty colleagues with understanding of the mission of intercollegiate athletics. 

For more information about the Faculty Team Mentor program contact Mike Whalen, Athletic Director at mwhalen@wesleyan.edu

Faculty Team Mentor Directory

  Sport Name

Academic Department

E-Mail Address


   Baseball Rich Adelstein Economics radelstein@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2366
  Men's Basketball Frantz Williams University Relations fwilliams@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2516
  Women's Basketball Ishita Mukerji MB&B imukerji@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2422
  Crew - M/W  
  Cross Country - M/W Scott Holmes MB&B sholmes@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-3557
  Field Hockey Andrea Roberts Chemistry aroberts01@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2513
  Golf Gary Yohe Economics gyohe@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-3658
  Men's Ice Hockey Mike McAlear MB&B mmcalear@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2443
  Women's Ice Hockey        
  Men's Lacrosse
  Women's Lacrosse Marc Eisner Government meisner@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2494
  Men's Soccer Sarah Wiliarty Government swiliarty@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2996
  Women's Soccer  Jennifer Tucker History  jtucker@wesleyan.edu  (860) 685-5389 
  Softball  Louise Brown Class Dean 2017/Government lsbrown@wesleyan.edu   (860) 685-2758
  Men's Squash  Vijay Pinch History wpinch@wesleyan.edu  (860) 685-2399
  Women's Squash  Ana Perez-Girones Spanish aperezgirone@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-3095
  Swimming - M/W Fred Cohan Biology fcohan@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-3482
  Tennis - M/W &
Guilio Gallarotti Government ggallarotti@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2496
  Track - M/W Sarah Wiliarty Government swiliarty@wesleyan.edu (860) 685-2996
  Volleyball Marina Melendez Dean's Office mmelendez@wesleyan.edu 860) 685-2764
  Wrestling Allan Berlind Biology aberlind@wesleyan.edu