Sharit headshot

Sharit Cardenas Lopez '19

Anthropology and Science in Society

Admission Intern 
Member of Ajua Campos
Resident Advisor

Oakland, CA

Envision Academy of Art and Technology

I graduated from small public charter high school called Envision Academy. My transition to Wesleyan was rough, as it is expected from most freshman. I was home sick, there was a lot of cultural shock, and confusion in regards to my identity. I was living in an environment were many differences (cultural, economical, racial, etc.) were obvious. Experiencing these differences was something new to me and it was frightening to think about. However, I was able to surround myself with loving and caring individuals and communities that helped me deal with all the challenges and the deriving emotions. I am now a member of Ajua Campos, the Latino group on campus, a Resident Advisor, and an Admission Intern. I have learned to use my voice and the avenues that I have access to to make my opinion heard and attempt to create a better environment for the next group of students, like myself, to attend Wesleyan.

I was not aware of Wesleyans existence until Student Rising Above, a four year scholarship for low income, unrepresented students, informed me about it. As I was completing the application to Wesleyan's TAP program, it never crossed my mind that I would leave warm California to go to school across the country in Connecticut. That quickly changed after stepping on to Wesleyans campus. I instantly felt comfortable and a sense of belonging. By the end of my visit to Wesleyan I was in love with the campus atmosphere created by the students. I knew what that I really liked Wesleyan, but I was unsure of my readiness to leave home, especially moving across the country. Soon I realized that my love for Wesleyan derived from the new adventures, challenges, and opportunities Wesleyan would present to me. Moreover, One of Wesleyan's attributions that I love the most is the strong presence of people of color and social justice, something that is essential to me. After being at Wesleyan for three years I do not regret my choice, I would make the same choice over and over again.

Honey by Kehlani

I don't have a favorite, but I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!

I know three languages: Spanish, English and American Sign Language.