Rachel with Cardinal

Rachel Godfrey '19

African American Studies and Science in Society Double Major

Admissions Intern
Coordinator for the Traverse Square After School Program
Coordinator for Wesleyan Thinks Big
Soft Girls in Soft Science Support Group
Sophia: Philosophical Association for Women of Color
Women of Color Collective

Carteret, NJ

Pomfret School

I was born in Staten Island, NY and raised in Carteret, New Jersey. I attended New Jersey SEEDS, a program that aided high achieving, low-income students in applying to college preparatory schools. I attended a New England boarding school named Pomfret, and found out about Wesleyan through my college counselor and friends who were already attending. Here at Wes, I am double majoring in African American Studies and Science in Society [Psychology with a concentration in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies]. Outside of the classroom, I am heavily involved in building community partnerships within the Middletown community, addressing issues of diversity within the field of education, and advocating for positive body image and mental health practices. I look to deconstruct and revolutionize current outlooks on education, and to creative alternative ways of learning that involve developing all parts of the individual, and place emphasis on the arts.

The first time I visited Wesleyan, I was frightened by how quickly I fell in love with my surroundings. My interactions with the students at the time were all genuinely positive. I found myself invested in classes, cheering at a basketball game, and laughing loudly over meals. I was searching for a school with a community that wasn’t too big, that was very pro-active, and that was more global-minded than the other schools I was looking at. This was definitely Wesleyan.

"The Color Purple" from The Color Purple

Menace II Society

I made a website about alpacas when I was eleven.